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Was Jeffrey Epstein actually REAL?

Liberty420  (OP)

User ID: 72414838
United States
02/23/2021 09:06 AM

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Re: Was Jeffrey Epstein actually REAL?
Now you’d ask what would be the purpose of this?

To show the levels of what they can get people to believe, and also the levels of what people will accept and turn a blind eye to.

Everything is in plain site. This guy had his house wired with cameras, pictures with everyone that nobody can explain. And most sheep turn a blind eye to it.

Then Q comes out and connects it all to some evil cabal of child trafficking and it looses all credibility. And most of the country loose complete interest...

That should be a big red flag
 Quoting: Liberty420

So *we* are the ones being studied, like lab animals?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80079453

More than likely... what other explanation can you think of?

Epstein was the acceptable Child trafficking story. MSM ran it, documentary on Netflix, still no investigation as to why and how he was so connected to powerful people. It’s right in our faces and most of the sheep just forget about it, don’t even want to know more.

But then Q loosely connects what Epstein was doing, to the whole system. And you’re not allowed to look into it unless you want to be labeled a conspiracy theorist...

I doubt it’s over for Maxwell, what they reveal about her will reveal what kind of spell most people are under.
Liberty420  (OP)

User ID: 72414838
United States
02/23/2021 09:14 AM

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Re: Was Jeffrey Epstein actually REAL?
OP, whether all, some, or none of the details about Epstein are true, the spirit of your analysis is dead on accurate. It doesn't even matter how many of the details are true or aren't. All that matters is that you understand that most of the mainstream narrative is scripted.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75199872

Exactly, it really has no impact on my life at all. Except the fact most people are truly blind to what’s going on.

What bothers me is how can people look at the Epstein situation, whether it’s true or not, and not want someone to get to the bottom of it...

The way he died and his obvious connections to powerful people. Joe Rogan was saying nonstop he didn’t kill himself, and the sheep couldn’t care less.

True or not true, we get bombarded by so much in the media. Fear mongering, entertainment and celebrity news, the list of distractions goes on and on.