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Message Subject FUN FACT: Australia hasn’t had a COVID death since late last year...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Australia hasn't had sepsis, heart disease, chemo toxicity etc relabelled as covid 19 Disease because Oz is playing the role of *we must all accept draconian communist regime measures in order to win the war on our plandemic*

The UK has admitted in its own government documents that it uses 40-45 cycle pcr tests. This information is buried deeply and never ever publicised. And why they won’t bring it to the publics attention is that scientific studies are out that show 97% false positives at that cycle amplification meaning 97 out of every 100 positives on the pcr test ARE NOT INFECTED AND INFECTIOUS.

So the UK plays the role in this global psyop of *countries who won’t implement communist style measures will lose the war on our plandemic*

Which means both the uk and Oz are being deceived through the tried and effectice satanic deception of :
Create a problem to divide the people
Control both dialogues to manage the public’s reaction
To implement a predefined new way/path for both parties.
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