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Who are the Neanderthal that we share our DNA with ?

Shadow Dance

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United States
03/21/2021 05:18 PM

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Who are the Neanderthal that we share our DNA with ?
Science has finally caught up with Mythology ... and over the past two decades, science has painted a much different picture of our soul-consciousness's host to explore the physical world . Science no longer believes that they were "ape like" humanoids ... but a species that thrived for between 200-300,000 years ...it was only when the "modern man" appeared 50,000 years ago ( when the Annunaki "discovered" this solar system and the habitat of the Elohim and genetically altered the Neanderthal's genetics to produce "soul-traps" for the elohim, that they could enslave.) that the Neanderthal started disappearing.

watch this and educate yourself ... of course, this doc doesn't mention the Annunaki - but the dates match perfectly with the Wingmaker's mythology, that reveals that the Neanderthal were sterilized by the Annunaki because they could interbreed with their "modern man" and they didn't want them to undo their attempt to enslave the elohim ... their numbers dwindled to nothing over the next thousand years according to science

This is the latest information that science has released about their study of the Neanderthal (released this year)... and the fact that we do share the same DNA .. and also can prove(scientifically) that the Neanderthal had consciousness, community, commerce and territories - as well as art --- a lot has been discovered/admitted since the last doc about Neanderthals that I watched about five years ago ...

if you like history - you'll love this vid (42min)

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United States
03/05/2022 12:54 PM
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Re: Who are the Neanderthal that we share our DNA with ?
Neanderthal was created by God on the sixth day. However Adam was created on the seventh day and was responsible for educating Neanderthal; all written in the Bible.