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Message Subject Spirit Beings are retarded compared to Physical Beings
Poster Handle Shadow Dance
Post Content
consider what type of individual god "befriended" ... first there was Cain, who god inspired to kill his brother - who had to flee ... then there was Abram, who was sleeping with his underage sister - and kicked out of his family's estate. Then he was kicked out of his home in exile, because he married his sister ... and was practicing blood sacrifice rituals ... which got him and his followers kicked out of that country (actually fleeing for their lives) ... to end up in the desert - where he squatted - eventually paying tribute/taxes to Seth ... even though "god" gave him that land...

Then "god" show up, and used some "advanced" technology to open Sara's womb (at the age of 90) - so that she could have Abe's son

then god demanded that Abe kill his son to prove his loyalty to god ... which he would have done, if his son had not commanded the Angles to help him ...

but apparently the Angels couldn't help when a drought hit the land ... and neither could god ... because Abraham abandoned the "promised land" and took his family to Egypt, and he never returned ... even though his body was carried, back there, some 400 years later to be burried next to his wife, by his descendants ... meanwhile he befriended Lot who slept with his daughters, and saved him from his oppressors by nihilating two great cities - killing all their citizens but Lot who had to flee for his life and live in exile

He befriend Jacob ... another pedophile, who lied to his father, to steal the "birthright" of his twin brother ... and had to flee ... then he swindled his FIL - after marrying two of his daughters .... and again had to flee and change his name... fathering Nope with his many wives and slaves

and then he had one more friend, who was also a man of ill repute ... and had been exiled before he met god ... because he murdered someone ... and Moses seems to have been the last "friend" god had on earth ... but the people that he led out of Egypt, under god's command, having been groomed in the desert for 40 years, on a "special" diet, became the largest mobile army the world had ever seen - and they murdered men women children and their cattle in their march to take back the land "god" had given to Abraham ... which they were eventually kicked out of too

these are you "guides" ... your heroes ? incestious, pedophiles, who murder women and children ... for their own personal gain ??? and the god you worship ? pathetic

but it does partially explain why, to this day, you continue to worship, perverts, pedophiles, murderers, people who rape their own children and yes ... spirit beings ...
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