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Message Subject Spirit Beings are retarded compared to Physical Beings
Poster Handle OpenHeartMonk
Post Content
Just think about it ... the Kabbalists have identified 300 variety of angelic beings ... that the SPirit beings have created, just to help them get through their day

what in the world do Spririt being DO ... that they need that much help ... they don't eat, they don't wear clothes, they don't drive cars ... they don't have sex, they don't go swimming or dancing or to the movies ... why do they need so much HELP ... how lame are they

maybe they can sing but I doubt it, that requires vocal cords ... so what's left ... but to worship their gods all day ... oh yeah and supervise their "angels"
 Quoting: Shadow Dance

it's fairly evident, to me at least, that any discarnate entities hanging out near earth have nothing useful to say.

they're probably just hungry ghosts, spouting word salads over ouija boards to keep idiot humans interested, while gorging on their energies while the humans are distracted.

that said, i have encountered entities while meditating that do offer useful insight, but there are several 'barriers' or 'shells' to get through first..
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