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Islam vs the anomaly

sin, death and vengeance
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05/07/2021 11:59 PM
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Islam vs the anomaly
Islam and feminism is main mortal enemies of the anomaly

the anomaly is water
while Allah seem to be fire and Islam seem to be air, especially the modern/peaceful/liberal/moderate Islam that most Muslims adopt nowadays
and feminism also seem to be air, mostly Gemini

Allah's personality seem to be very close to Aries or Leo personality, he believe he is the king of everything and everyone must be his slave
Muslims are very loud and annoying and Islam like to annoy people with loudspeakers and quran, annoyance is ruled by air signs, especially Gemini
Islam allow divorce and Polygamy, divorce and Polygamy is ruled by air, especially Gemini
Islam is a killer of happy dreams/imagination, dreams/imagination is water, therefore Islam have to be air
Islam like war and competition, war and competition is fire
Mohamed was a trader that is born at night while the moon is in Leo and sun is between Aries and Taurus, trade also is ruled by air
the Muslim brotherhood is officially created in Aries month, by a Libra guy

Islam is extreme liberal(feminist/capitalist) dogma, it give all freedoms to private economy/trade/investment, it require men to find/create their own jobs and it do not require many taxes from the rich, it protect females who cuckold/dishonor their men in secret, it despise sexual manhood/emotions and criminalize mere looking at women
and liberalism is ruled by Aquarius, an air sign, this why liberals always love/defend Islam

95% of Islam's ideas/laws/polices is totally against the anomaly, but it seem that 5% of the ideas/laws/polices of the original Islam is similar to the the anomaly's ideas, like Zakat(charity), hijab and underage-marriage
but liberal/modern/moderate Islam is 100% against the anomaly, because it despise the poor, do not require Zakat/charity, do not punish females for non-marital sex, do not require real hijab and it criminalize underage-marriage

Islam, especially the peaceful/liberal Islam is seem to be specifically designed to be against the anomaly
Islam criminalize/prohibit/demonize everything the anomaly like -like porn and good music- and want the anomaly to blindly believe in the Islamic bullshit and to be asexual feminist masochistic slave that lice to please some crazy evil entity
just hearing anything Islamic can terrorize, corrupt and confuse the anomaly and even damage his mind/psyche

Muslims, especially the voters of the Muslim brotherhood and the supporters of al-sisi, are obsessed with reading the mind of the anomaly and besieging him to make his life like hell, they exploit any flaw/need he may have to scam/intimidate him for his money, they defame/mock him and pretend to fear him to treat him as if he is some kind of dangerous criminal/mentally-ill

al-sisi, the dictator of Egypt, and his system, is either Muslim-brotherhood or just Islamic, or he is a puppet or agent of Islam
he may pretend -in a very silly/hilarious ways- that he is peaceful-Muslim or secular or even pagan, to appease/deceive his non-Muslim masters
but he done nothing since he came, except making the voters of the Muslim brotherhood and all Muslims rich, respected, strong and free, after they was weak, despised, poor and enslaved and except making everything/everyone more Islamic/religious, building hundreds of of mosques and churches, increase loudspeakers on the mosques, unite Muslims with each-others, unite everyone with Muslims, make the enemies of Islam poor/dishonored and humiliate them for Muslims
he do this mostly using indirect, liberal/secular and non-Islamic methods, to protect Islam and deceive his enemies

al-sisi and his system/media read the mind of the anomaly all the time and change Egypt to be against his desires/thoughts
like when the anomaly think that people who voted for the Muslim brotherhood should be persecuted and fired from their jobs, al-sisi system immediately fire all people who are like the anomaly from their jobs
or like when the anomaly think that he love certain thing, then the Egyptian system immediately remove this

al-sisi and his system/media also like to indirectly call the anomaly things like: the Muslim-brotherhood/Israel/terrorism/Muslims/sexual-harassers,​ to annoy him
like when the anomaly think that all people who are not like him must die, then al-sisi immediately say in the media that "Muslims" must stop wanting to kill anyone who are not like them
or when the anomaly think that he is wrongfully punished in exaggerated way, then al-sisi media immediately say that "the youth of the Muslim brotherhood" believe that they are "wrongfully punished in exaggerated way"
or when the anomaly look sexually at women in the streets and/or think that he want to marry a preteen, then immediately al-sisi media -and even his fake opposition on the social media- keep making propaganda campaigns against men who look sexually at females and it call them: sexual harassers, feggots, and pedophiles that must be imprisoned/raped/castrated
i am what you call the anomaly, the prophesied magical hero, the chosen one or god, i am the magical death of all religious and liberal people who despise my sexual manhood and cause my poverty