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Biden moves to DOUBLE tariffs on Canadian lumber

hatchet man
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United States
05/27/2021 04:05 PM
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Biden moves to DOUBLE tariffs on Canadian lumber
Despite record high prices for lumber and a 13.4% drop in new housing starts last month, Biden moves to DOUBLE tariffs on Canadian lumber.

After more than quadrupling their quarterly profits and only increasing lumber production by 20% compared to quarter 1 of 2020, have the 5 big lumber companies stepped up to play with "10% for the big guy" as well?

Tariffs are a fluid thing, IMO. When foreign imports swamp a country and price domestic production out of the market, they are needed. When domestic producers get too greedy and harm the construction industry with price gouging and "shortages", it's time to look at a reduction of tariffs to balance the playing field.

[link to www.prnewswire.com (secure)]
hatchet man