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Reparations vs Affirmative action total cost discussion

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United States
06/10/2021 06:44 AM
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Reparations vs Affirmative action total cost discussion
The recent reparations discussion has gained some steam, so I was wondering what the current costs are for welfare state and affirmative action plans.

Points below which should be discussed when considering reparations.

1) Welfare exceeds a trillion dollar cost for the 50 years.
2) We do not know the entire cost? The dollars are so compartmentlized in many different programs, so we cannot tabulate the real cost of the welfare state. We do estimate it being top 3 expense for the federal government. What does it cost the states?
3) How much has Affirmative action cost citizens, especially white Americans?
4) What is the total pricetag for government and private jobs that were issued under the AA mandate?
5) What is the cost for AA mandated college grants, low interest college loans, etc?
6) Government and private AA mandated contracts?

Any thoughts or anything to add to the discussion? Please stick to he topic and do not sidetrack the discussion with race hate. I think we should examine this subject as people and be honest about where we have invested already.