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Message Subject I can't move on with my life since the election
Poster Handle Depluribus Unum
Post Content
I can't move on since the election was stolen.

Trump was everything for me the last 4 years. He gave me purpose. I had hope for a future.

To see the commies steal the election and get away with it. To see the entire political class, courts, and media turn a black eye to the theft and do nothing DISGUSTS ME.

From 2016-2020 I enjoyed my 7-3 labor job. I enjoyed working there and knowing I was producing for my country and trump. I no longer have that motivation. I don't want to work for the democrats.

How are you guys finding the motivation to go on in life without trump?
 Quoting: TRUMP IS MY WORLD 79193172

Just turn it off and get a hobby. Politics is easy to ignore if you want. 90% of the country manages to ignore it (but vote anyway).
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