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Hunter Biden engaging in human trafficking, with proof.

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06/17/2021 08:35 PM
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Hunter Biden engaging in human trafficking, with proof.
[link to twitter.com (secure)]

Straight up human trafficking right here.

Will anything happen? If YOU were doing this you'd be in prison with no bail by nightfall. Aren't there supposed to be officials whose job it is to investigate and prosecute these things? Regular folk who couldn't be in 'the club'? Where are they? Don't you have an acquaintance in public prosecutions? Do they not do their job?

Or is it merely the revelation of the method? You know these people do these things, yet you accept that they can get away with it. You are consenting by apathy to this behaviour by these people. Nothing is more powerful than consent. It makes their magic real, because YOU allow it to be so.

"It's so wrong but what can I do against these people?" Does this sound like you? Are you unable to pick up your phone and call your local representative? How about your state prosecutor? Maybe just an email? Not everyone is in the club, the grand majority are normal people like you, people with a job to do. If you make enough noise normal people are forced to do their job. Too difficult?

Consent by apathy is still consent.
Order is tyranny, chaos is freedom.