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These people are the majority...


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07/07/2021 12:50 PM

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These people are the majority...
This was posted in a thread about the vax on a FB page that I belong to. It was posted by a lady referring to a Reuters hit piece about Dr Mike Yeadon that she posted earlier in the thread. I looked at her profile and found a pic she took of herself inside a car wearing a mask...the MSM have truly done a wonderful job. Anyway here's what she had to say...I bolded the best part.

"That is why i shared it - i trust the vaccine - i trust the science - had my first shot of astrazeneca and my second shot of pfizer - no side effects and i have no worry of dying of covid. if i have to get a booster every year, i will do that - i get the flu shot every year too as well as a pnemonia vaccine every 5 years."
Chill out, its just a Lancashire Rose