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Message Subject The Hidden Mind
Poster Handle the path
Post Content
Ancient spirit lineage says there is four worlds. The number 4 is sacred as it means completion. The nested concentric circle is the center where people exist, in physical. Outside it is where the spirit that moves through all things exists. Spirit, everything outside of flesh. The void, where force, spirit, subconscious, and the realm of the shaman. Then the temples, which is the journey inward. The trilogy of the mind; physical, spiritual, temple. Deeper within the oceans of space is the hidden mind.

The hidden mind is the harmonic mind greater than each distinct separate mind.
The emergence of the lotus plant.

The law of spheres shows the narrow way and the doorway outside the physical realm many retract into. The recoil is because of violations through the spheres. Each sphere there is ‘the way’. The center is called the land of the living dead as the garment of flesh imprisoned the soul in the physical creating the coffin of flesh. The garment of dead energy. Consciousness is trapped within the garment and when that happens it cannot incarnate because it must have mind. Mind lives in the past and thought within its labyrinth.
When one is out of the coffin, they are resurrected into the critical edge. It is where many advanced beings lived in harmony with everything. Growing ones aura is not the case. It is already there. It is accessing each sphere which gives a revealing as it is going inward goes outward naturally.

Within the hidden mind one knows how or why one knows. There is an answer.
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