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Message Subject Philip Morris wants cigarettes banned in UK by 2030
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Cigarettes should have been banned in the 1930s when they discovered how bad to your lungs and heart they were. They banned hemp - an amazing substance used for millennia - in 1937 but not cigarettes? Certainly in the 1980s they should have banned cigarettes as that was the death rates of smokers went through the roof and the world's largest class-action lawsuit went to court and they won billions of dollars in compensation.

Parents who smoke in the house are, at best, neglecting their kids health if not flat out abusing their kids and the kids end up as smokers who can't give it up.

Yup, ban these disgusting cancer sticks already, it's been almost 100 years since we found out they fuck up your life-giving lungs.
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