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Message Subject Philip Morris wants cigarettes banned in UK by 2030
Poster Handle ookie
Post Content
I don't go for the nazi stuff like other antismokers. I find it appalling that the government thinks it has the power to ban smoking in cars or houses. It doesn't and trying to say they do just erodes freedom even more.

Just ban nicotine. That's the danger. Ban nicotine and let smoking take care of itself. Smoking is the least disgusting way to use it. My son in law dips and that shit makes me want to puke. His spit cups all around, his fat lip full of disease and filth. It's awful. Or chewing? Same thing only worse.

But if they ban nicotine quitting becomes easy. If they want to keep smoking they can. But if they want to quit they can do that too.
 Quoting: ookie

There is no common sense in your post, no wonder Zion*** are stupid.

Marijuana is not suitable for you because you will become paranoid, and start mooning in the street with your pant down.

Like J.. on bath salts.

Ook ook!, and cigerretes are disgusting and filthy, but you have shits up your nose.

And Nazi stand for Nationalism Again Zion*** Idiocracy.

 Quoting: Fiery Archangel Metatron 1314146

How do you figure? Banning nicotine ends the addiction. Then it becomes a choice. I know, I smoked for 30 years. Only quit 6 years ago. And I've smoked marijuana since I was a kid. Never had a freakout. Not even on 8 hits of lsd.

You're going to have to break it down for me. What exactly is wrong with what I posted?
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