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The young are being used as pawns on the climate agenda

User ID: 65525414
07/28/2021 02:18 AM
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The young are being used as pawns on the climate agenda
Excellent words from a reporter from Skynews Australia to young people who recently demonstrated in the climate:
′′ You are the first generation to have air conditioning in every classroom, your teaching is computer based, your television is in every room, you can use electronic means all day.
Instead of walking to school you use all types of internal combustion engines. A lot of you even take a parent's cab to class daily.
So far you are the biggest consumer of consumer goods in human history. Y ' all keep buying new clothes to be ′′ trendy ′′ even though last year's things are still totally cool.
Hardly any of you can fix your clothes, you have no idea how to replace a broken zipper, let alone handle a sewing needle.
You throw away what is still serving. Your protest will be announced via digital and electronic means. Phone, tablet are online for 24 h. With all your electronic toys you are the biggest energy user.
People, before protesting, turn off the air conditioning or heating, walk to school, turn off your phones, computers, Xboxes, Playstations and read a book, make your own sandwich instead of buying it ready in plastic cover.
None of this will happen because you are selfish, poorly trained, manipulated by people who use you and say you are doing a noble thing while having fun and enjoying the craziest Western luxury.
Wake up and shut your spoiled mouth. Find the facts before protesting and start improving the world with yourself and don't proclaim people who lived sustainably their entire lives."