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Subject Suspicious about Atlanta park stabbing
Poster Handle Fence Rider
Post Content
Anyone else suspicious of the Atlanta park stabbing victim’s lesbian partner?

She was the one who found her partner’s body in the park and the body of her own pit bull or pit mix, both stabbed to death.

It’s a little suspicious to me that she found them and that both were stabbed to death. If someone is sick enough to kill his or her spouse, she’s certainly sick enough to kill her own dog to make it look even crazier as some kinda sick alibi. Who randomly attacks a lesbian running with a pit bull? That’s not your typical rape victim choice. Also, she’s out running, so not a likely robbery victim choice either. Then there’s the stabbing of the pit bull...would this random slasher go for the dog first? You have to be pretty proficient to take out a random pit bull without getting hurt or creating an opportunity for the jogger to get away or scream for help, no? Or, attacking the jogger first could trigger a defensive attack by the dog, surely?

Now then, if the attacker was the spouse and the dog’s master, she could be lethal with the trust of both victims. I don’t know, just seems fishy to me. Anyone with me on this?

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t jog in Atlanta after dark and appreciate that crime is out of control, but it seems like a convenient cover in this case.
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