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If the government had done nothing this would be over.

Shithead Tyrone Slothrop
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United States
08/08/2021 09:30 AM
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If the government had done nothing this would be over.
That's what I say. Trump could get on TV and tell people to mind their immune system. Wear a mask if you feel like it. Wear one in 1999, wear one in 2032, whatever. Close your business, well it's yours do what you want.
So OH the hand wringers will holler "Oh so many people would DDDIIEEEEEE!!!"
I say it would be the same or less. It would be DIFFERENT people, but not more, but we'll never really know that.

There is no situation that the federal government, as it is currently comprised and administered,
can improve if it gets involved.
The more it gets involved, the more fucked up it will get.

They're in this up to their neck. Tell me, is it fucked up out the patoot or what?

But it was never about a virus or health, was it.
I've gotten a lot of red for telling the truth and being right. Just sayin'