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Message Subject Finlands Supreme Court Rules Sex with Kids As Young As 10, LEGAL
Poster Handle Xoroshiro
Post Content
 Quoting: Xoroshiro

Well.. I actually wrote a response addressing this but got banned and subsequently unbanned. Asked for a reason but wasn't told why. I don't *think* I hit any of the banned words or said anything particularly ridiculous... but who knows without being told.

I'm not really saying you're wrong per se... but I think its wrong to judge the actions of a prior era against current standards.

You have to understand that at least in the 1930s people were far spread out and few in between. The standards were different. That was a point I was trying to make to you about my grandparents. I'm also aware that I had at least 2 aunts who were married off to neighbor farms in the 1700s when they were 13. Both of them did not have children until they were 17 and 18. I guess what I'm pointing out is that there were other reasons for marriage back then than just sex.

Circling back to my grandparents... I happen to know the reason they consummated the first child was that they were already dating, my great grandparents were aware of this, and my Grandfather was going off to war. If you put this in context, its kinda reasonable. That's why I'm saying, you really cant right out judge this without evidence.

Is 10 too young at any rate? I would say yes, but when the marriages were happening back then, they were not necessarily having sex with their wives at that age and I'm just pointing that out. Like I tried to say earlier, I think to some extent there is an agenda to paint Whites in a bad light.

There is another group that pretty consistently still engages in these practices and not for altruistic reasons. I'll leave it to you to decide who they are.
 Quoting: Constant Parad0x

It's motives that should be judged..in every era.

When I was growing up as a homeschooler, there was a pre-Civil War children's novel series by Martha Finley (1828-1909), Elsie Dinsmore, which was extremely popular with homeschool families.

It's a beautiful story. We had family read-alouds and I read and re-read it as a kid.

In it, the best friend of 8-year-old Elsie's father, Mr. Travilla, has a crush on her over the entire series, and ultimately marries her once she becomes "of age."

But they are flirtatious (showering kisses on lips, "caressing", and talking of marriage) long before that, as young as 10.

I guess that's why I believe wholesome romance can exist, as well as economic reasons. But GLP going to hang me.

Enjoyed reading your posts.
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