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Subject REMEMBER: Everything the CDC, Military, Feds (Gov) does is Computer Modeled Out Beforehand! EVERYTHING!
Poster Handle infiltrator
Post Content
The three letter agencies don't work off of hopes or dreams.

Every move and decision they make is planned and computer modeled out. Computer sims just like the game but way more sophisticated. Think about the 1983 movie War Games. Now bring that into 2021.

They have so much data (communications, movement, groups, trends, associates) to use Metadata modeling they run scenarios on all outcomes. Positive, negative, consequences, etc.

The Patriot Act was a godsend to them.

1. Election (Mail-in, USPS, Dominion)
2. COVID/Vaccines/Vax Pass (Event 201)
3. Antifa, BLM riots vs. January 6th (Location & Facial Recognition)
4. Afghanistan (20 Years of Data & Relationships)

There are no accidents. Just decisions.
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