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Message Subject REMEMBER: Everything the CDC, Military, Feds (Gov) does is Computer Modeled Out Beforehand! EVERYTHING!
Poster Handle PhiloSophiaZoso
Post Content
Including Afghanistan withdrawal and the need for more troops and more war profits...

Including vaccine profits

Next is Gemini virus going after plants to control global food chain

Really could use the glp effect for the Gemini virus btw

Then asteroid scares and fake et invasion

All of it has been modeled...

These people are evil incarnate
 Quoting: PhiloSophiaZoso

You have a link where i can read about this Gemini virus? I haven't heard of that yet.
 Quoting: Cornbre4d

Thread: Use Of Gemini Virus To Control Food Supply

I stumbled upon it on Forgotten Languages and did more digging - seems like another perfect plausible deniability scandal where the only solution is GMO seeds and global food regulations (control) :(

I deeply intend and seek assistance from higher powers that it does not come to pass
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