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Message Subject Pisseed off in Northern Ontario WARNING TO HOMESTEADERS, got chickens got provincial animal control
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
About 15 years ago some bird flu broke out in the horrible factory farms in British Columbia and they went out and killed every effing bird in the lower mainland, including people's pet birds and every backyard chicken.

And nowhere was it ever discussed about the husbandry issues of keeping chickens in crowded, stressed, filthy conditions and feeding them god knows what and mutilating them too.

Any animal would get sick in those conditions.
 Quoting: Vision Thing

I agree, also I researched and found that blending birds, like chickens with ducks can cause problems.

I know I will get hate for it, but I am against it as ducks are wet land birds and carry different bacteria that can become a problem to dry land birds that hang out together.
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