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Message Subject Pisseed off in Northern Ontario WARNING TO HOMESTEADERS, got chickens got provincial animal control
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ontarions....alert, alert.

This is important info about the possibility of Ont. govt not allowing unvaxed people to buy groceries or get medical help. Odessa is looking further into this.

Her info is in the first few mins of the vid. Pls share with your fellow Ontarions.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: simplify

I watched it but not surprised.

I am sorry if I come across harsh, but this was always on the table, hence why I am upset that now they maybe coming for my chickens.

The more self sufficient you are the less power they have over you.

But we can play their game no problem if ...if we are prepared and many of you have been warned. It wont be easy but I strongly suggest that you ban with like minded people.

Really look how the settlers lived, but the law of the land, you are going to need to do the same.

If they trap you on your land, then it must be by your rules.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69093507

The subject has been tossed around for months, but we've been under the impression that this would be a hugh Human Rights violation to starve people from food or medical treatment.
"If" indeed they are planning on this, then I think Canadians will take to the streets in the thousands.

Not all of us live in the country & on our own land. I wish, but some of us are retired & living in apts. we stock up as much as we can to prepare for the worst.
 Quoting: simplify

Well it is a basic Human rights violation, but when you become communist no judge nor lawyer will stand up even if paid.

Yes Canadians will take to the streets but how does that help you? How do you prepare for the future after they protest, or if you protest, you still go home...

So now that you are seeing the reality that is transforming before your eyes and your mind, you will need to make serious decisions and choices.

Find like minded people, you must have skills to trade, barter or benefit another person. Canning skills, sewing skills, raising livestock, maybe simply your have cash and can access that to help someone that is using their cash to stock pile and would like the back up for a mortgage payment.

You will need to now think outside the box that we all became a custom to , as it is over.

You can do this, Reach out even in your apt complex, and ban together it is better than nothing.

And now is not the time to nick pick about someone's looks, clothing or even regular ticks .... now it is about how do we help each other.

The vax is poison in my opinion, so I would not take it.
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