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Subject UK switching from E5 to E10 petroleum and people wonder why theres a fuel shortage
Poster Handle What the fox hat
Post Content
As the uk switches from E5 petrol (gas) to E 10 many of th sheep madly rushing to fill up their tanks are wondering why there are not enough delivry drivers to fill demand

MUGS the fuel crisis was 100% engineered to switch from 5% ethanol in petrol to 10% ovrnight,the refineries had to switch over at some point and guess how they got rid of thir stocks of excess E5 ?

If you guessed manufactured fuel crisis you are corrct and may use soft toilet paper for 1 week

If you guessed wrong and thought it was about lack of delivry drivers you lose and are so stupid you win the runner up prize of a midazolam and morphine cocktail

[link to www.northantslive.news (secure)]
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