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3 of the 4 BRIC world power nations face crisis level shortage of ...power... as Europe follows

TerraFirma's Esoterrorist

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10/04/2021 07:40 PM
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3 of the 4 BRIC world power nations face crisis level shortage of ...power... as Europe follows
How bad is China’s energy crisis?
"How bad is the energy crisis in China?
The situation is widespread. In recent days, factories in 20 of China’s 31 provinces have suffered a loss of power, forcing many to shut down production, at least for hours at a time. Millions of households in the north-east of the country have also lost power and found that they cannot use electricity to heat or light their homes." (50% rule)
[link to www.theguardian.com (secure)]

"Perfect Storm" - Global Energy Crisis Spreads To Brazil And India
Is the situation getting worse?
The US carmaker Tesla, which has a large factory in China, is among many industrial firms that have been put on notice of longer shutdowns next week as the lack of electricity becomes acute in some regions. Most analysts believe it could take several months for the Chinese authorities to get a grip and match energy production with rising demand." (50% rule)
[link to www.zerohedge.com (secure)]

Europe’s energy crisis is making the market nervous. And analysts expect record-high prices to persist
Key Points:
"European power prices have spiraled to multi-year highs on a variety of factors in recent weeks, ranging from extremely strong commodity and carbon prices to low wind output.

What’s more, the record run in energy prices is not expected to end any time soon, with energy analysts warning market nervousness is likely to persist throughout winter.

Europe’s energy supply crunch is “making the market nervous as we approach winter,” Stefan Konstantinov, senior analyst at ICIS Energy, a commodity intelligence service, told CNBC." (50% rule)
[link to www.cnbc.com (secure)]

What caused the UK’s energy crisis?
"The UK’s energy system has been plunged into chaos by a perfect storm of market forces which threatens to rip through the economy from home energy suppliers to heavy industry, and from factories to farmers.

This has stoked fears that a wave of energy suppliers will collapse, and that households will be saddled with unaffordable bills. As the colder weather draws in, these are the factors shaping the energy crisis." (50% rule)

[link to www.theguardian.com (secure)]

Russia, alone, can keep all their factories running and the lights on.
And what if Russia's Nord Stream 2 (that just began filling with NG today) gets taken out by terrorists?

Nord Stream 2 operator begins filling controversial pipeline
[link to www.msn.com (secure)]

Stack the gold that all nations must have to operate, yet increasingly are unable to lay hands on...black gold.
Trade your black gold for yellow gold after winter...this one or the next.


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