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How Billionares commit murder, get richer, and get away with it

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United States
10/05/2021 12:13 AM
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How Billionares commit murder, get richer, and get away with it
The Sacklers sold their oxycontin, lied about how addictive it was, killed a lot of people, made a lot of money, and won't pay the settlement unless liability from future litigation is removed. It doesn't shield them from criminal charges, but none have been filed yet.

[link to www.theguardian.com (secure)]

See the billionaires who invested in clotshots? Do you think these shots were ever about philanthropy? When the evidence fully surfaces on how deadly these shots are, do you think these billionaires will be slapped with a fine that is a fraction of their profits and not have criminal charges brought against them either? That is the history with pharmaceutical companies this far. Did anyone at Bayer ever go to jail for knowingly giving children HIV?

[link to www.forbes.com (secure)]