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Message Subject Hey "Round Earth Tards" Can you please show me one video of the earth spinning 1000 mph!!
Poster Handle Red Hot Chilean Pepe
Post Content

You know how when you see a plane flying in the sky and it looks like it’s going really slow? Well the plane is actually flying at over 500 miles per hour. It only looks like it’s going slow because it’s so far away. The videos of the earth from space are all filmed from orbit which means the camera is traveling faster than the rotational speed of the surface of the earth so you can’t film it the same way you can film a basketball spinning on someone’s finger.
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 Quoting: Yah's Shepherd

Can you please provide some thoughtful consideration? I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I doubt that you’ve ever passed a physics class and so I too some time to thoughtfully elucidate a concept for you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80192364

Ok so if the so called space station is still in space. It would show a slight spin of the earth. There is not ONE video showing the earth even spinning 15 mph. NOT ONE. Just like when you see a plane way up in the sky it is moving? Moving....
 Quoting: Yah's Shepherd

Your failure to grasp relative motions is a testimony of how people can live their entire lives without using their brains.

The famous Hypatia of Alexandria is credited with having done a simple experiment by dropping a bag of grain from the top of the mast of a boat going as fast as it could with the sails fully blown by the wind. She saw the grain bag falling exactly in the same spot relative to the ship instead of behind due to the advance of the boat during the time of the falling of the bag to the deck of the ship. Then she understood a thing or two about how things behave.

It is truly saddening that so far in the development of our civilization there’s still people that fail to grasp basic things as that. The ancients knew the Earth wasn’t flat. They even knew the Earth’s circumference and used the meter of the exact dimension we “invented” it in the XVIII century.
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