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The 1000 year reign of Christ was what many are now calling "Tartaria"

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10/17/2021 03:04 PM

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The 1000 year reign of Christ was what many are now calling "Tartaria"
And that ended in the early 1800's.

We are now in the era in which Satan and his forces are "loosed" again on the Earth for a time.

We are approaching the time when the Earth will try to flee from the heavens but there's nowhere to hide from what approaches.

When all of the dead will rise and final judgement.

That's where we're actually at.

And why they've worked so hard to erase Tartaria and it's majesty and replace the grandeur of it's high-mindedness with what we now have...basically we've gone from Fine Dining to Pig Trough.

We need to realize where we are at and what's been done to us in order to rise out of it and be ready for judgement.
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