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Former USAF Officers presented evidence of UFOs Tampering with Nuclear Weapons

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10/20/2021 09:11 AM

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Former USAF Officers presented evidence of UFOs Tampering with Nuclear Weapons
Three aging Air Force veterans came to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to again tell their strange and extraordinary stories. A fourth veteran was piped into the National Press Club conference by video feed from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.

Each veteran's story is different, but all share one central claim: In the 1960s, UFOs tampered with nuclear weapons managed by the Air Force, both terrifying and mystifying the airmen who experienced the encounters. Some remained silent for decades, they say.

Salas, who was a first lieutenant stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, in 1967, said he was on duty as a deputy missile combat crew commander deep in the underground nuclear missile control room. The site's flight security controller called from above ground and was panicked and shouting, Salas claims.

"He said there was a large glowing, pulsating red oval-shaped object hovering over the front gate," according to Salas' affidavit. As he woke his commander, he claims alarms went off showing nearly all 10 missiles shown in the control room had been disabled.

Robert Jacobs, who attended the UFO press conference via video link from Missouri, said he was a first lieutenant in the Air Force and stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in 1964 when he was asked to set up a telescope video camera to capture an Atlas rocket test.

He claims the video showed a disc-shaped craft flew up to the dummy warhead as it traveled about 8,000 mph over the Pacific Ocean, circled it and shot it with several beams of light.

Source: military.com

[link to www.military.com (secure)]

[link to www.press.org (secure)]

Press conference 2021/10/19:

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10/20/2021 09:23 AM

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Re: Former USAF Officers presented evidence of UFOs Tampering with Nuclear Weapons
“The Air Force has not been honest with Congress or the American public,” said retired Air Force Capt. David Schindele, who served as a nuclear missile crew commander during his time in the military. “Congress and the intelligence community have a responsibility here, and others must be released from the burden of holding back the truth.”

“I was part of a U.S. Air Force cover-up for 17 years,” said retired Lt. Robert Jacobs, speaking remotely Tuesday. “When it happened to me, my world changed. … But I was under orders to shut up, so I shut up.”

[link to www.washingtontimes.com (secure)]