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Subject The most important organization you’ve never heard of
Poster Handle A Jackson
Post Content
Well maybe you have. I didn’t realize (dugh) that they were involved in this stuff. Scan down the page and look at the leadership that is spying on you and tracking you, it’s not illegal because MITRE technically isn’t government but is instead an FFRDC [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

“While vaccine passports have been marketed as a boon to public health, promising safety, privacy, and convenience for those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, the pivotal role a shadowy military-intelligence organization is playing in the push to implement the system in digital form has raised serious civil liberties concerns.

Known as MITRE, the organization is a non-profit corporation led almost entirely by military-intelligence professionals and sustained by sizable contracts with the Department of Defense, FBI, and national security sector.

The effort “to expand QR code vaccine passports beyond states like California and New York” now revolves around a public-private partnership known as the Vaccine Credential Initiative (VCI). And the VCI has reserved an instrumental role in its coalition for MITRE.”

Full article: [link to thegrayzone.com (secure)]
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