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Message Subject Cheap, generic anti-depressent may reduce covid 19 symptoms.....umm....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That stuff is poison.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78993752

especially if it's prozac, (fluoxetine), which is FLUORIDE.
you know, the drug they used in notsee germany to keep the sheeple docile while they murdered them all.

since we're truly resembling that time right now, it makes sense they'd try to get even more fluoride in us.
(it is already in the water you drink and bathe in, unless you filter your water.)

did you know that fluoride is a WASTE product created by aluminum manufacturing?

they couldn't figure out how to dispose of it (because it is actually POISON) so they started CHARGING every city to buy it and put it in the water supply.

they claim it "helps poor people" avoid dental cavities (caries).

Yet on the label of your toothpaste (if you still brush with fluoridated toothpaste) you will see the "caution" note on there that says if you swallow even a pea-sized amount, you should call POISON CONTROL.

When there is fluoride spilled anywhere, a HAZMAT team shows up to clean it up.

yep. sounds like the same despots are running the show as were running it in ww2.

Enjoy the show!
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