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some dating site forced me to pose like bin-Laden so it can let me communicate with girls

Apocalypse guy,,
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11/16/2021 07:12 AM
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some dating site forced me to pose like bin-Laden so it can let me communicate with girls
i always Desired the Japanese women, because of their unique bodies that is mostly very hot and that still look Conservative despite that they are trying to stop being Japanese to be liberal or post-modern western, since at-least 2008

since the Islamic liberal NWO took over Facebook in 2013 and convert it from being a dating site and a platform for people like me "the opposition", into being for normal people who are part of the system and a platform for my enemies to attack me
Facebook prevent me from sending friend requests to most girls, especially girls in rich countries like japan
it only allow me to send friends requests to some fake accounts/pages or to sluts who want money, not normal girls

most accounts on vkontakte look fake and eave dead/inactive, half of the girls's accounts that accepted my friend request are a mafia of scammers/spammers/bots and nearly all of the other half do not speak to me
and since 2019, vkontakte started to be like Facebook, it started to limit the number of friends requests that i can send and it keep asking for filling annoying captcha, at first i could send hundreds of friends requests a day, but i now can not send more than 4 friends requests a day
i sent friends requests to all the Japanese girls with photos in vk, only few accepted the friends requests, all of those are either do not talk to me, or are not really Japanese, or treat me badly

also any girl that love me or agree to talk to me -anywhere or in any place- without insulting me, she usually immediately get severely harmed by the fate-like entity that haunt me, so she stop talking to me
and most of them are sluts that fucked with millions of men -and women- and that are also mostly ugly

so i decided to join some dating site so i can at-least communicate with some Japanese girls
and since i am blacklisted on free international dating sites like OkCupid/match/POF without any reason and theses sites refuse to make me resister an account, also some of them do not allow anyone in Egypt to resister
and since apps like tender/Bumble are not really free and it is made for the handsome, young, rich liberal men to help them hookup easily only with girls who live near them

therefore i searched for a free dating sites that have many Japanese
i found one Japanese site that is in English and that is half-free
i can send likes to girls there, but i can not talk to them until they like me back
but the site seemed fake, no girls agreed to like me and something was obviously wrong
and the site even asked me to take a selfie of me wile i pose like bin Laden and the Islamic people wtf1dunno1


this Islamic pose mean: "there are no god but the crazy evil motherfucker Allah"

Last Edited by Apocalypse guy,, on 11/16/2021 07:23 AM
my enemies are anyone who are not against Allah because he is feminist scammer
my enemies must die