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Will a “Lesser Reset” Precede the Major Heinrich-Bond Event?

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11/30/2021 08:57 PM

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Will a “Lesser Reset” Precede the Major Heinrich-Bond Event?
Many of us are familiar with the work of Maj. Maynard E. White, Chan Thomas and Ben Davis. Those of us who are following the subject have been anticipating a Global Cyclical Reset sooner rather than later, potentially beginning within our own lifetimes. Many researchers are even pointing towards to a time period as early as the 2030s for the cascade of events to set in motion leading to this Heinrich-Bond Reset.

I believe that our World Governments have known about these coming Cyclical Global Events for a long time. It’s very possible that our puppetmasters behind the scenes, TPTB, the string-pullers even belong to a group that have been in organization and power since the Civilization that came before ours.

Always the optimist, I do not believe our problems will be as simple as preparing for and surviving The Event, itself. I think that prior to the Cyclical Catastrophe, we may very well see a preceding collapse or die-off that potentially complicates preparedness and response by individuals who are aware of the coming Events.

What could cause this? Here are a few potential examples:

WWIII: Massive Casualties, Destruction of Global Infrastructure and the Collapse of Civilization as we know it.

BIOWAR Holocaust: Via the “vaccine” or some contagious pathogen, a massive die-off of the population would collapse infrastructure and cause the world to come to a standstill. If even a sizable percentage of the newly vaxxed population became casualties of severe side effects, it would be the same.

Natural Disasters: There are a number of plausible potential Natural Disasters that could kill millions of Americans in an instant and completely disrupt our Way of Life, bringing a collapse and nationwide SHTF in their theoretical wake.

So do you think things will continue on as normal until we arrive at the Global Cyclical Reset? Or will a “lesser” Event disrupt and collapse our Country before then?

In case you’re wondering WTF I’m talking about:

The Angel of Fire

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11/30/2021 11:51 PM
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Re: Will a “Lesser Reset” Precede the Major Heinrich-Bond Event?
Well, Seraphim, I haven't visited this topic in a long time. Saw Vogt's videos a good while back, but got sidetracked. This video by Ben is excellent. Thanks for posting it.

I actually had a rather long reply typed out, and just after proof reading it I hit a wrong key and deleted the whole damn thing. Sigh...

I'm too sleepy now to try to recreate the post. So, the short answer is yes, I think we are very close to seeing a contrived catastrophe by TPTB. The plandemic hasn't worked exactly as they hoped, so maybe the wolcano, or some other major event they can help along or maybe even fake altogether will knock everyone for a loop. It will be part of the over-all plan to reduce the population, clear the surface so to speak. Don't know what criterias they will use, but I am confident they have them all planned out. And the useful survivors (as determined by TPTB) will be herded into the DUMBS and underground cities that have been prepared, in anticipation of the survival of at least some of TPTB and the slaves they will use to keep them alive for the new world they intend to control.

I got into prepping about 20 years ago, when I found a website called Great Anomaly, or something like that. And found a lot of the theories about the sun being the civilization killer. Seems I've come full circle. Guess I better get back into my research, if only because I truly believe we are headed for that 12,000 year catastrophe, in the near future!

I'll be watching this thread to see if anyone else joins the conversation. Good information!!!
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