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Message Subject Psychopaths: Is There A Place for Them In A Fair Society?
Poster Handle Auburnite
Post Content
For anyone here that rejects this real theory, please research Cluster B Personality Disorder. It's a real generational issue caused by abusive parents or the like.

They are very charming. They make you fall in love with them. They will make you feel as though you finally met your soulmate.

And then... Total mind fuckery.

I fell for it and ended up marrying one of them. However, in my case I later found out that she was a clinical Narcissist/Sociopath/Psychopath. She would routinely tell me that she should have been an attorney. She was very convincing at making me feel as if I was losing my mind.

Be careful out there. Use this as a gauge on the general public, let alone assholes in DC. They are all the same and there is no cure.

I had to escape 1000 miles away from my ex. She crushed my soul.
 Quoting: Auburnite

My experience with narcissists has been even more unpleasant than with psychopaths. They are often dependents in both the societal AND emotional sense, needing to drain you of everything in order to validate their fragile ego masks. Perhaps narcissists are the ones we should focus on rehabilitating first.
 Quoting: The Alkahest

Very true, however there is no cure for narcissism. It's a personality disorder from the get go. Mine even had split personalities. She would sound and act like a little girl sometimes, and then she had the persona of a Royal and had the accent down pat. Strange shit.
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