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Message Subject Psychopaths: Is There A Place for Them In A Fair Society?
Poster Handle UltimateMirror
Post Content
1. Given the damage they can cause, do you think that there could ever be a model under which they can operate to maximize their innate skills while protecting us from their ruthless and charming nature?
The should all be decapitated. They're the pedophiles that are raping our children, duh.
They have NO Conscience.
Maybe, you are one?

2. What vocations should they be limited to, if any?
They should all be decapitated. They have no conscience.

3. Should we make awareness of psychopathology a requirement in primary education programs?
Yes, because many of them are educators and child rapists.

4. Should politicians be forced to undergo a battery of tests to determine whether they fit this personality disorder?
Everyone should, because it is a very common disorder.

5. Is it ethical to test children early for psychopathy to minimize damage to self and others in later life?
The majority of psychopathy is CAUSED by child neglect/abuse. Parents should be tested before creating children. Psychopaths should be STERILIZED.

6. In general, how should they be treated by the rest of us?
They should be decapitated. Period.
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