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Message Subject Psychopaths: Is There A Place for Them In A Fair Society?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They are change agents. Behind the scenes god/ai keeps the sexes at 50% and the same seeds this realm with different personalities.

Without paths humanity wouldn't evolve is my opinion. Too many of us doubt so much that we get caught in analysis paralysis. So much energy goes into wondering if a decision or mindset is Godly, etc we freeze, too much empathy and desire to be perfect will doom a general in war or captain of the ship. I assume Steve Jobs is one.

Most of us circle jerk, they don't. They don't determine their worth, ethics, etc by comparing to other people. Hannibal lecter, both good and bad but free to live.

I think the way life unfolds is a script, predetermined, not organic. Soros does his part to make conflict cause he is a change agent.

I've known one in highschool and he was very intelligent. He wasn't burdened by fearing god, think about the bandwidth it takes to measure every action and thought against every word in the bible, he was free to think cause wasn't living in fear. He had great wisdom and helped me with things but sold his moms car cause he wanted the money-hah.
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