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Message Subject The only thing we are going to hear from Democrats until the Mid-Terms is January, 6, 2020
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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If republicans wouldn't have been complete and total failures as leaders and had done more to back the president, January 6th never would have happened. Simultaneously I can say the exact same thing about democrats. Just because they didn't like the president was no excuse for them to drum up civil unrest and encourage needless fighting and violence over four years. If they weren't going to work with the president they could have at the very least been dignified adults about it and not spent four years sounding like spoiled children who had they blanky snatched from them on a play date. In short, both parties are complete and total failures and for the most part the top politicians from both parties put America to shame and should in fact be ashamed of themselves. They're a disgrace.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79786073

Yeah that's nice grandma now how about we talk about how Trump conceded the GLOBALIST PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE during his second fake impeachment he couldn't possibly be guilty of inciting a riot because it was a PRE-PLANNED INSURRECTION resulting in hundreds of veterans being placed into solitary confinement

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