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Subject Quoted in YahooNews article -- "January 6 was incredible"
Poster Handle CavScout
Post Content
I love this article so much.

AFP (France news) contacted our organization looking to do a one-year follow up on January 6th of people who were in DC at the Capitol.

Naturally, I took immediate advantage of this offer.

First of all, France is going through some serious shit right now. Its nice to let them know they have fellow brothers and sisters here also fighting the good fight.

Second, we need to change the narrative about what happened on January 6th. It was NOT an attack on democracy -- the attack on democracy has been sustained and ongoing WELL BEFORE January 6th.

January 6 was a shot across the bow of our tyrannical government's ship.


This article might get me in trouble with the law school.

Anyways, check it out:

[link to sg.news.yahoo.com (secure)]

This is how the article ends:

Would he do it again?

"Of course I would do it again," he said.

Damn right.
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