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Message Subject Quoted in YahooNews article -- "January 6 was incredible"
Poster Handle CavScout
Post Content
Hey, we need to own our fights -- even when they look like a loss.

From the article:

In Washington, a House of Representatives committee is investigating what has been described as an insurrection or a coup attempt.

The January 6 participants reject this characterization of the day.

On the contrary, Racioppi says proudly, "this is something I'm going to tell my grandkids about."


Damn straight I'm going to tell my grandkids about this. It is a major part of history and I WAS THERE.

We are all going to share with our grandkids what kind of tyrannical government we managed to overthrow along with the stories that made it happen.

Trump, COVID, and January 6. All historic events that we are a part of.
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