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Message Subject Vegetarian / Vegan thread. Share your passion and recipes here
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I don't like to drink cows milk.. never did in fact..

for my every day milk I buy a high quality organic soy milk...(I used to make my own.. but time and other issues I stopped)

I fill quart jars with 1/2 soy milk ... and then about 2 TAB of almond flour and fill to top with water and shake. I like almond and soy together. Its my all purpose milk.

My prefered brand of soy milk is Westsoy unsweetened Organic in 2 QUART boxes which Walmarts carries for the price of 1 quart of it elsewhere...So 2 quarts makes 4 quarts.. a gallon when cut will almond as above. A gallon costs me a little over $4 with the added almost flour.
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