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Message Subject Vegetarian / Vegan thread. Share your passion and recipes here
Poster Handle Satya Revelations
Post Content

Trying to awaken meat eaters to the concept of LIFE is the same as trying to awaken the deranged to reality. It ain't gonna happen.


There are many who ARE awakening to life in all creation, becoming more aware, more conscious. They still remain on the fence. I'm not here to convince anyone of anything. This must be a decision each individual reaches through their heart.
 Quoting: Satya Revelations

Animals are not people and their suffering means less than nothing to me.

Plus meat tastes good, I don't care if it's unhealthy. We're here for a good time not for a long time.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77633874

Then you are a soulless being. Animals have a higher level of consciousness than you. Don't worry, karma is a bitch , as it's said
 Quoting: Satya Revelations

Karma isn't real. Neither are souls. We're one and done. Enjoy the time you have on this earth because this is it. Enjoy the pleasures of this world because death is oblivion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77633874

Oooh, u r one of THOSE,

This topic is not meant for u
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