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Message Subject Vegetarian / Vegan thread. Share your passion and recipes here
Poster Handle One-Eyed King
Post Content
What are the best Vegan foods for obtaining Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Creatine, DHA, Heme iron and Taurine?

Sorry, big pharma supplements don't count.
 Quoting: Truthgiver2244

There's spirulina, chlorella, green tea, sea kelp, many others. Nano soma is my newest find.
 Quoting: Satya Revelations

Nice try, but WRONG.

Those essential nutrients I listed can only be obtained, and properly digested and absorbed, when taken from animal products.

Show me one single vegan, and their daily meals that use any of that garbage you listed. You won't.

Any vegan who knows anything has a cabinet full of big pharma supplements which they consume daily, because even the most deluded vegans know you cannot obtain Vitamin B12 on a plant based diet.
 Quoting: Truthgiver2244

Unless you're eating organic, grass fed beef/meat, you're not getting much (or any) B12. Factory farming has destroyed anything of value that meat has to provide. Yes, I take a B12 supplement and have for 12 years, but most meat eaters would be doing themselves a favor by supplementing. B12 and D3 are the only things I need to supplement daily. Actually, I sometimes go a week without them and still feel fine aside from a barely noticeable lack of energy.

I used to get sick three times a year: cold, flu, bronchitis. Gave up meat and dairy and have only had one 24 hour flu since 2008. 40 years old and I'm in better shape and health then when I was 19 doing military exercises and training (cardio isn't as good, but could easily get it back to where it was if I wanted).
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