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Message Subject Vegetarian / Vegan thread. Share your passion and recipes here
Poster Handle Satya Revelations
Post Content
I was seriously injured after doing an ultra low fat plant based diet last year and now require thousands of dollars of medical care. It is a very dangerous way to eat for some people and especially after menopause because you become estrogen dominant and the copper in plants can drive anxiety and make you sick. Copper toxicity is real. Plant based causes it and most humans have evolved to require zinc for proper mental function... why many are “no longer vegan” (probably).

If you eat plant based and have meat eating genes it’s crucial to supplement not just with b12 but with the nutrients we need for mental health like zinc since the plant based diet tears you down. Right now I eat meat and also take magtein(magnesium l-threonate), 50 mg zinc picolinate, p5p b6, primrose oil and some other stuff, too, since I really don’t have normal function anymore after so many years (about 30 beginning when I was a teen) of unhealthy vegetarian eating.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 81130579

I wonder what is the structural difference between our bodily needs.

Some require meat, others don't. That's become very clear to me. I've been vegetarian for going on 15 years, am post menopausal and very healthy.

I think what people need to understand, especially in America, that the amount of meat consumed and demanded is not only unnecessary, but unhealthy and contributing to the destruction of the environment. Not to mention the horrific situation of the animals.
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