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Message Subject Vegetarian / Vegan thread. Share your passion and recipes here
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Wish I could find whole raw unfermented Cacao. I bought some unfermented Cacao but it seems it's complicated and often come out dirty because nobody dries them at that stage...

Anyways, I learned how to clean the dirty pulp off the beans... and soaked them until the beans fell to the bottom... then I Roasted them. Unpeeled. The peel/husk seems important to the flavor and it has more theobromine.

Well, I was surprised at how chocolate it was Roasted and even unfermented.

Well I just wish more of this was available... nobody sells dried whole unfermented Cacao raw... ships rare unless you have your own tree or fruit pods.

That way I can learn how to sprout it.

Imo Cacao doesn't really require fermentation.. but I guess it helps when your doing them in large batches? But if it's just you then I don't think it's necessary... I might be wrong. I just cleaned the pulp with running water...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75454944

Like this I can still experiment fermenting them though anaerobically in water...
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