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Message Subject 19 nucleotide long sequence coding in Sars-Cov-2 found in a raft of Moderna patents from 2015
Poster Handle stoidi
Post Content
Dr. Paul - please look into what @JikkyKjj and David Martin have found. Namely that the specific 19 nucleotide long sequence coding for tet furin site is found in an obscure bacterium and a raft of Moderna patents from 2015.

Impossible due to chance? We deserve answers.

Updated to include Sars-Cov-2 in the title.

This sequencing is the smoking gun.
 Quoting: Happy in Nature

they mention a mystery vaxx in this article [link to www.statnews.com (secure)]

Also provides motive for committing the crime, since they couldn't justify their $5 billion valuation at the time as their only remaining potentially working mrna meds were four experimental vaccines, and they considered vaxx to not be profitable. They were referred to as loss leaders.

Now, they found a way to make them profitable whether they work or not. Incidentally, all the other mrna drugs had to be discontinued because they couldn't deliver a therapeutic dose without poisoning the recipient.
 Quoting: Pecked to Death by Duck

Likely one of most informative posts ever OP, IMHO! A group of investors and murderers decided to make a killing, laughing all the way to the bank.
These are the worst folks that ever walked the earth. They planned this in coordination with Factions in our Government and just torturing Fauci’s is not going to do it. This NIAID needs to be dismantled, everyone involved in this vaccination setup needs Tried and hung. Real people have been tortured and killed. Children have been irrevocably harmed. The whole world should be seeking their heads. This isn’t Trumps Vaccine, this was in the making long ago. Fauci’s needs run out of NIH, yesterday. tomato
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