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Message Subject Breaking: Novax Djokavic out….visa canceled AGAIN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It all boils down to a war of wills. The gov'ts can't have popular personalities show their fans that authority can be questioned or brought to court.
 Quoting: Marisol


Boycot would work (as T-man) said if most of players had balls.
But is exactly other way around.
Most are bootlickers, and that also becoming now painfully obvious thanx to Novax.
Bootlickers just like most of so-called celebrities. Traitors to human kind.

I will repeat. Huge majority of people do not think like GLP.

They need this example, and covid cultists are sure aware of that. And scared shitless as true number of so called Antivaxxers around the globe is huge, much higher than they like to admit and narrative is totally crumbling.
Even CNN is letting some voices of reason getting through.
Much much larger than they would like to present.
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