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Message Subject House Distributes KN95 Masks Stamped 'MADE IN CHINA' in Surreal Moment
Poster Handle The Alkahest
Post Content
There is a blatant in your face irony about this. Not only were the useless masks made in China and they don't work, but the first place in the world which used the masks in a mainstream way was ... China.

Those morans have been sold the propaganda that the masks do something for their smog-filled cities and germs, and the masks don't help with either. Now the Chinese LOVE their masks, the same way many Americans love their masks. The masks make maskholes feel safe.

And yet, the true purpose of the Chinese using the mask is that it dehumanizes the wearer of the mask. It is used for submission and compliance.
 Quoting: FRANK & BEANS

Precisely. The mask is a MUZZLE to dehumanize and control us. It's a symbolic reminder of the crisis that they've created. So long as we wear them, Covid fear stays on our minds. And of course, masks destroy the ability of very young children to properly develop empathy using their mirror neuron learning systems. They need to see emotions expressed facially to develop properly.
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