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Message Subject US Unvaccinated truckers BANNED from entering Canada! USA to impose similar BAN next week!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

We are going to have a maple Syrup shortage.

 Quoting: Terrebonne

You as an American can make fun of this 'cuz the USA is so self-sufficient (not). This move by the Cdn govt & a week later by your own fools (they're all fools, by the way) will affect both sides of the border. So glad I left that mentality & moved out.

Things will simply get worse & worse anyway, because most of us know this never was about "Covid". We're at the end of the biblical 6,000 years; the prince of darkness has come down with great wrath, most of which is yet to be unleashed. God help us.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73324455

Well said! Our American brothers/sisters need to join us in the awakening of what is truly going on.....which is the subjugation of Humanity, to bring us under their Supreme control.
Do you wish to live your life as a free citizen of Humanity or are you willing to sacrifice your freedom/your very life in order to have some minor comforts.

Think deeply about these things, dear friends.

What is your line in the sand?
 Quoting: simplify

Thanks. We have NO idea how horrific things will be. Climate Change nonsense is also on the way & they'll enforce an unbiblical weekly day of rest to "save the planet". Cringe whenever you hear "build back better" or "the common good". It's tyrannical socialism & a return to The Dark Ages (and we know who was in control back then).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73324455

The lugnuts loser CNN producer that P Veritas got on hidden camera a few months ago said that the next 24/7 fear porn product was going to be Climate Change. After the pivot from election fraud and COVID fear porn was done. I think we're there now.
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