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Message Subject Tomorrow in Boston, vaccine mandates take effect -- UPDATE pg. 5 -- Reasonable Accommodations guidance
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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My company sent out an email yesterday at noon telling us they had no choice but to start collecting vaccination status for employees. They were going to use BenefitsSolver and indicated because SCOTUS hasn't made a ruling yet, they had no choice. The email went on to say we had until 24JAN to complete it and ignoring the emails and notifications was not going to make any difference. There was a deadline. Period.

I had gone at it with my HR department and finally the HR attorney over vaccination status/masking requirements and how it was discriminatory and that I would not be sharing my medical information with my employer. Ultimately, we have never had an official return-to-office so it's still moot point but I have stood hard on this.

Yesterday I showed my wife the email and told her, under no circumstances will I share this info. Looks like I may be looking for a new job. Immediately after reading the email and letting it sink in, I jumped on GLP To see if SCOTUS had ruled. They did.

My company sent out a follow-up email halting all vaccination status collection about 2 hours later.

Make your decision and own it. No not bend when you realize you're going to lose. No matter what they do, stand strong. If refusal is your position, DO NOT let them take it from you. It's only a job.
 Quoting: TinfoilHatMan

You are right. It’s only a job. So proud of you for standing strong. And your wife for supporting you.

Now is the time for everyone to simplify and live below your means so you aren’t a slave to your job. No job should be a prison.
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