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Message Subject Pfizer is the mark of the beast
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
it's a switcheroo.

The vaccines are not the mark but it is like playing unto you have a red seven and they will just shift it to a blue seven which is then the mark.

How hard it is to convince people to take a microchip on their hand or forehead right now?

Probably impossible, everyone is primed against accepting it.

But say you've been getting vaccines and used to being forced to take the boosters etc.

It's not that hard to just implement a tracking system that is chip based.


I think it's going to be a switcheroo to the mark that everyone was ready for.

This time tho, everyone has been softened up like a frog in warming water...to be boiled alive shortly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 81762661


It won't be advertised. It will be framed as a "good thing", "necessary" - they will justify it and excuse it and doll it up to look like something it's not. Nobody will say "DENY YOUR GOD AND WORSHIP SATAN! MUAHAHAH!". It will all be framed as perfectly reasonable, justifiable, a common everyday thing that all your friends and neighbors are doing. At least, to those who aren't looking at it with spiritual eyes.

Just one day you will look down at where (whatever has been done to you was done) and think to yourself "gee, whithout this, I couldn't go to school, or get medical attention, or have a bank account, or even order stuff online..." and then it will hit you how you've been suckered, and who you "believed in" that convinced you to go along with it... you'll realize that going along, giving your consent, that was an act of "worship" just like agreeing to be baptized in a church is an act of worship... it's simple obedience, that's all that was asked. And you obeyed.

Time's getting close folks. Maybe not 100% but we're definitely on the doorstep.
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