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Message Subject Pfizer is the mark of the beast
Poster Handle Graboid_Hunter
Post Content

This is what it will look like, in some form.

It will not "look" like it has anything at all to do with religious belief.

But people will be asked to comply, and find it virtually impossible to exist without doing so.

The new state religion is "Authoritarian Science" where you are told to "believe science"... a science you are not allowed to question or test in any way that contradicts the narrative. Where "rogue" scientists who refute that narrative are treated as heretics... censored, fired, de-platformed, cancelled. You will be told that there are 300 genders, that human activity is the primary factor in climate shift, that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are not only useless as medicine but actually poisonous. That an unending series of injections is your only hope of surviving the next wave of the New Plague.

You will be asked to "believe" the state's doctrines and swear your loyalty to them. If you refuse, your all-purpose ID code gets flagged denied for everything. And if you get caught doing something not allowed like foraging for food or stealing food (and many other things such as living on the street, which by then will be a crime) you will be dealt with harshly. Maybe even killed.

This is the real thing folks, not the cartoony version they taught you in Sunday school.
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